Back in Dallas.

Bethany: Boba Tea House Since we were in the Arlington area, we decided to chk this Taiwanese cafe out, intro’ed by AM some time back! Food is pretty decent, really cheap, the set meal comes with a milk tea still! Mangas and mags are a bonus! LY had the slam dunk in front of him … More Back in Dallas.

The Egg and I.

I liked my waffle, and LY liked his croissant egg benedict. Prices are a little cheaper than other brunch places we’ve been to. (i think so! here’s the menu.) That’s great! They serve flavoured coffee, flavours change seasonally. I got hazelnut on that day. I don’t usually drink regular brewed coffee but since they don’t … More The Egg and I.

More food pictures.

So, what else have I been cooking? Here’s a list: 1. Curry Chicken Noodles – Yellow mee + Bee Hoon. 2. Next day’s breakfast: Prata with curry. 3. Omelette with cai po (preserved radish) + crabstick + japanese salmon-bonito seasoning. *Own creation. Recipe to follow. You know what, cai po + crabstick don’t taste weird … More More food pictures.

Assam Prawns.

Haven’t been quite up to date with my what’scooking. Here you go: Assam Prawns. Cooked some time back. 1. Ingredients: Tomato (x1), Minced garlic, Diced onions 2. Ingredients: Assam Fish Paste (bought here), 1lb of jumbo prawns (cleaned) 3. Fry garlic in olive oil. 4. Add the onions. 5. When the garlic and onions browned … More Assam Prawns.

Day out with the girls.

Shopping + Tea at Grand Lux Cafe. 1. Summer wear. It’s freaking hot today. 2. Calamari Platter. Deep fried goodness all in a plate. 3. Pineapple upside down cake, with vanilla icecream. 4. Warm sticky bun bread pudding. 5. Strawberry shortcake reinvented. 6. The girls. 7. Grand Lux Cafe at Galleria. Shopping-wise.. Blazer: Checked. Mint … More Day out with the girls.