my favourite month of the year, because it’s my birthday month. thanks to friends & family for showering their love. jojo loves all of you so much!! Advertisements

Tiring day 3.

Hit the downtown today. Just me + dslr. It felt different (in a nice way) to explore the city on my own. I can stop whenever I like, walk aimlessly, see random things, shop, eat and rest my legs anyhow I like it. SFO is a beautiful city, I can’t emphasize it enough. Despite my … More Tiring day 3.


I love getting haircuts. And I like to look different after every haircut. I get sick of my hair style easily. Probably this is why I can never grow my hair really long. Once my hair reaches past shoulders/able to tie into a decent pony tail, that’s my cap. I’ll have very strong urge to … More Hair-cut.

Mobile uploads. Random.

1. Starbucks & Cheesecake at Barnes & Noble 2. 还是喜欢,有那么一点的长不大。 3. My savior. Best moisturiser I’ve ever used. Perfect for the dry weather in US. It’s super moisturising, without leaving any oily after-feeling. 4. Seattle’s Best. 5. I’ve been drooling over this. Can’t wait to get my hands on it! 6. RL striped blouse with … More Mobile uploads. Random.