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Surprise Farewell BBQ

This is way overdued, since i’m rather free these days, i should blog more frequently! even if it means events that happened eons ago! The girls threw LY and me a surprise farewell BBQ before we left! Yes, very sweet of them (: They were secretive and even kept me out from grocery shopping! hee! … More Surprise Farewell BBQ

ang ku kueh-making

we met up for an angkukueh-making session. for dear Tyan’s full mth celebration. evidence of our hardwork: the freshly steamed kuehs! looks pretty good out here huh. do you know that ang ku kueh takes the shape of a tortoise? that’s why it’s called ang (red) ku (tortoise) kueh (pantry). the tortoise shape is to … More ang ku kueh-making


.. for my dear friends out there, have a great weekend! so pretty that i don’t think i’ll have the heart to eat them {cupcakes} what would you hide if you have a secret room like this? {via ohhellofriend} I want a huge kitchen like this.. so that i can feed the entire village. haha. … More TGIF

date out

yippie! saturday day out shopping and eating. wooh. there are 2 common chain bakeries here – la madeline and corner bakery. have been to the former quite a few times, last saturday too. the portions are damn big, we can order a sandwich entre and share. it’s super sufficient for breakfast/brunch. then we headed to … More date out


brought this along with me on the roadtrip. healthy snack when i’m with ly. it reminded me of the old school teddy grahams! not so healthy when he’s out at work. KAKAKA. @chye, i’ve been having serious popcorn cravings after eating the ones you brought over to my place over the xmas dinner. spotted a … More munchies