Weekend Update.

On Friday night, we decided to go on a date and hit the downtown for dinner. I picked a French restaurant (romantic, huh) called Toulouse Café and Bar, a place which I kept wanting to go for breakfast. The dinner was very average, despite the good reviews on yelp. It was disappointing, though their desserts … More Weekend Update.

have been..

golfing lately. haven’t exercised so regularly in a long time. feels good. but perhaps i took it too much. my left arm feels sore. my wrist feels weird. n i have this huge, swollen (and strange) bruise near my wrist. i cldn’t make out if it’s a sting or a ‘blue-black’ bruise. but i do … More have been..


so. Dallas Mavericks won the 2011 NBA final championship! (: so happie. it’s my 1st time following a NBA season, and being in Dallas, of course i support Mavericks! they nv disappoint! right from the start, i’ve been saying, it will be miami heats vs dallas mavericks in the finals. true enough, it’s them! my … More NBA

Baseball Match

This is my first baseball game in the States! It was the Texas Rangers vs New York Yankees. I don’t know much about the teams and history but they both sound like really strong teams! Texas Rangers was 2nd in place last year! and Yankees, come on, who haven’t heard of them before? We arrived … More Baseball Match


Highly-recommended chinese BBQ by LY. Wow, it blew me away. 4 months without decent chinese food, this is GOOD. Too bad it’s a little far from where we stay, else I’ll bug him to go all the time! Having tried this, I’m never going back to First BBQ (where I had my CNY meal). Fatty … More Supercross!


It was my first time catching an ice hockey game. n OMG, it was SUPER exciting. it’s easily the most intense and exciting live matches I’ve ever watched! We were cheering the Dallas Stars team of cos, but unfortunately, we lost to the Philadelphia Flyers in the penalty shootout! ARGH! It was a FULL ice … More ICE HOCKEY!