Busy. bee

it has been a busy month. a long awaited long weekend, and now omg, tmr’s back to work day. I can only look forward to the vacation that I’ve been thinking of since the start of the year. I’m so glad it’s finally coming true. LY has been very helpful in the past week with … More Busy. bee

quarterly chk

haven’t posted in a long while. and now, into March, it’s 2013.  so how am I doing in 2013? well. resolution setting is a good way to keep myself on trac and makes sure I achieve something. so! all good with weekly japanese language, tennis and golf range practice! keep it up, jo. having 2 … More quarterly chk

1st 3 day round up.

I’m still jet-lagged in a weird way. I sleep through the night but I wake up right at the stroke of 6am. Boy, I wished this sleeping pattern continues through. Other than that, I’m adapting well back into my home country. My pace of walking is still as fast. My toleration for heat isn’t lost. … More 1st 3 day round up.


I’m finally home. I miss USA as much as I miss SG when I was there. That’s always the case, isn’t it. Apart from SG (where Im raised n bred), USA is where I spent most time in. And LY calls it his 2nd home. Everywhere has its pros and cons. Happy or not, one … More Home.