happy weekend

TGIF has another meaning to it. it’s my farewell in iris. goodbye to 1.5 years in this company. along the way, i gained more than what i’ve expected, learnt great stuff, grew stronger and made more friends. i was lucky to have awesome colleagues, who were patience with me and supported me throughout traumatizing projects. … More happy weekend


my job brings out the extreme emotions in me. angsty, upset, stressed and list continues. (weightage goes in the same sequence.) i’ve been feeling alot of negativity in the office air. can’t deny i’m one of the culprits, contributing to the heavy mood. i don’t like how i complain, point fingers, blaming this and that, … More feelings

dinner in the office.

so sick right. what to do. i’m just too hardworking. quick, finish up and go home! pan fried salmon cha soba. usually i’ll have the sashimi salad but today! noodles for me (: paiseh about the blank look. *shy. din want to pose in front of colleagues. wooh.