I’m Joanna. It’s spelled with a double “N” and ends with an “A”, not “E”.
I hate it when people get my name wrong. I know, I spelled the blog address with a single “N”, and that’s because jojojoanna is somehow taken.
I started this blog aimlessly, pretty much without any objectives in mind. At certain point in blogging, I thought, “Why not do a food blog? since I love eating, and recently, cooking and baking? Then came fashion, wow I think I can do fashion and trend reports! hmm it was too vague, so I thought, why not concentrate on ONE area – SHOES? I love shoes! surely I can do that! Then I read seaofshoes blog, and was slightly discouraged. How can I blog on shoes when I know so little and have so little money to splurge on them? How about beauty? Nah, that’s far beyond my realm. Next up, travel! That I can do! I’ve been quite lucky to have visited many places. I can probably blog about my adventures outside the red dot – Singapore. I attempted, but failed terribly due to my inconsistent in blogging, and shortly after, I tend to forget about the nitty gritty that happened. (I’m still trying!) All in all, I concluded that I lack the discipline to do so. Personally, I find it difficult to express certain things in words too.
So! This space which you are looking at is purely a personal lifestyle blog which captures any big or small or even random events in my life.


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