ju & js

easily the sweetest couple i’ve ever seen. here, i dedicate this post to them. wishing them eternal happiness and bliss. to love each other more with every passing day. to grow old and wrinkly together, and have loads of children and grand-childrens! from the shyness to the not-so-shy first trip to desaru then the bold … More ju & js


courtesy of my moulds – finally get a chance to use them. the Mics are damn adorable. .. not to forget the super cute kids.  

date out

yippie! saturday day out shopping and eating. wooh. there are 2 common chain bakeries here – la madeline and corner bakery. have been to the former quite a few times, last saturday too. the portions are damn big, we can order a sandwich entre and share. it’s super sufficient for breakfast/brunch. then we headed to … More date out


signed up for painting class at the college nearby. mustered all courage to drive to school alone and guessed what! reached the class and realised my name wasn’t on the list. wtf. yah! found out that, during registration the person actually registered me on the Monday/Wednesday 6pm class. super sianz. I wanted to do afternoon … More iwanttopaint


more dishes! ddukboki! korean spicy ricecake. this is easily my favourite korean dish! i bought the ricecake, fishcake and the hot pepper sauce – gochujang from Hmart, the korean supermarket here! according to the packaging on the rice cake, you have to first ‘soften’ the rice cake in cold water, leave in for 2 hrs … More homecooked


as promised, here are the dishes i’ve whipped up over the past weeks. (in chronological order) – i do think that my cooking improved slightly? fried veg in oyster sauce. jap cold soba which is damn easy. just boil the noodles till tender. for the sauce it can be easily bought in supermarts. ps: 炸油葱 … More homecooked


brought this along with me on the roadtrip. healthy snack when i’m with ly. it reminded me of the old school teddy grahams! not so healthy when he’s out at work. KAKAKA. @chye, i’ve been having serious popcorn cravings after eating the ones you brought over to my place over the xmas dinner. spotted a … More munchies